Request For Quotation (RFQ)

CY 2019

    1. Meals and accommodation for NEDA & CHED Facilitators of Strategic Planning Workshop on January 8-10, 2019 (RFQ-19-007)  Season's Hotel and Convention Center  GF  ₱72,000.00  ₱44,000.00
    2. Procurement of Reference Books for College of Teacher Education FY 2018- OMSC San Jose, Lubang, Sablayan and Mamburao Library (RFQ-19-008)  Reader's Knowledge Bookstore  GF  ₱237,050.24  ₱211,652.00
    3. Labor and Materials for the Repair of Three-Storey Academic Building at OMSC San Jose (RFQ-19-009)  Capitol Builder's & Construction Supplies  STF  ₱400,000.00  ₱398,000.00
    4. Labor and Materials for Modification of Classroom Door Orientation to Open Outward for Easy Egress During Fire and Other Emergencies- OMSC Murtha (RFQ-19-011)  Adre Wood Furniture & Metal Craft  STF  ₱100,000.00  ₱99,000.00
    5. Procurement of Supplies for OMSC College Wide Recognition and Graduation Day for AY 2018-2019 (RFQ-19-012)   Angels Department Store- Branch GF    ₱762,925.00 ₱48,825.00
     Gessnec General Merchandise ₱517,673.00
    6. Labor and Materials for Tiling of IQA Office- OMSC Labangan (RFQ-19-013)  Jeene-son Construction  STF  ₱350,000.00  ₱349,000.00
    7. Labor and Materials for Construction of 180-m length Reinforced Concrete Pipe Culvert (RCPC) Canal- OMSC Labangan (RFQ-19-014)  F.A. Torres Construction  STF  ₱906,400.00  ₱905,000.00
    8. Labor and Materials for the Improvement of Administration Building Conference Room- OMSC Labangan (RFQ-19-015)  Jeene-son Construction  STF  573,564.16 ₱572,000.00
    9. Food and Venue for Four Hundred Eighty Eight (488) Faculty and Employees Gala Night for the celebration of OMSC 53rd Founding Anniversary on February 15, 2019 (RFQ-19-017) Season's Hotel and Convention Center  GF   ₱158,960.00


    10. Procurement of Office  and Janitorial Supplies - OMSC Labangan, Sablayan, Mamburao and Lubang (RFQ-19-018)    Angels Department Store- Branch STF    ₱338,522.26 ₱55,796.50 
     Gessnec General Merchandise ₱173,965.00
    11. Procurement of Equipment for IQA- OMSC Labangan, Sablayan, Mamburao and Lubang (RFQ-19-019)  Angels Department Store- Branch STF  ₱82,820.00  ₱18,200.00
    M one Computer Center ₱35,510.00
    12. Procurement of Medicines and Tools for Medical and Dental Unit- College Wide (RFQ-19-021)  Ormin Pharmaceutical Distribution   GF ₱499,363.40  ₱477,315.00
    13. Procurement of Appliances for CAET Canteen, Criminology Canteen and Cafeteria- OMSC Labangan (RFQ-19-022) Gessnec General Merchandise   STF-  BAO ₱75,000.00 ₱74,250.00
    14. Labor and Material for the Renovation of Guidance Office - OMSC Labangan (RFQ-19-023)  RJ Construction and Designs  STF ₱52,031.00 ₱52,000.00
    15. Procurement of Office Supplies for IQA Offices to be Used in AACCUP System Wide and ECRE Program OMSC San Jose (RFQ-19-025)   Syrex Corporation STF     ₱256,067  ₱126,000.00 
     Angels Department Store- Branch ₱50,296.00 
     Gessnec General Merchandise ₱8,930.00
    16. Room Accommodation and Food for OMSC Accreditors on March 12-14, 2019 OMSC Labangan (RFQ 19-026)  Season's Hotel and Convention Center  STF ₱176,250.00  ₱86,750.00
    17. Room Accommodation and Food for OMSC Accreditors on March 12-14, 2019 OMSC Mamburao (RFQ-19-027)  Maru's Food Lounge and Beachfront Rooms  STF ₱66,000.00 ₱63,600.00
    18. Room Accommodation and Food for OMSC Accreditors on March 12-14, 2019 OMSC Sablayan (RFQ-19-028) The Landmanz Hotel and Restaurant  STF ₱66,000.00 ₱59,000.00
    19. Labor and Materials for the Fabrication and Installation of 6.45m x 2.93m Glass Divider at BSOA Mock Office - OMSC Mamburao (RFQ-19-030)  Firmabuilt Construction  STF ₱81,780.00 ₱81,000.00
    20. Procurement of Supplies for IQA- OMSC San Jose (RFQ-19-032)   Gessnec General Merchandise   GF ₱71,400.00   ₱16,200.00
     Angels Department Store- Branch ₱40,605.00 
    21. Food and Accommodation for the 1st Regular Meeting of the Regional Steering Committee (RSC) for the Expanded Student's Grants in Aid Program for Poverty Alleviation on March 21-22, 2019 at Bulalacao, Occidental Mindoro (RFQ-19-034)  South Drive Beach Resort  TF ₱188,500.00 ₱82,050.00
    22. Food and Accommodation for the 1st Regular Meeting of the Regional Steering Committee (RSC) for the Expanded Student's Grants in Aid Program for Poverty Alleviation on March 21-23, 2019 at San Jose, Occidental Mindoro (RFQ-19-035)  SJ Mansion  TF  ₱65,000.00  ₱22,200.00
    23. Labor and Materials for the Construction of 33.52 Meter Covered Pathway at OMSC Mamburao (RFQ-19-036)  Firmabuilt Construction  STF ₱312,000.00 ₱312,000.00 
    24. Procurement of Testing Materials for Guidance and Testing Materials- OMSC Main (Labangan Campus) (RFQ-19-037)   Centile Psychological Assessment Services  GF ₱76,750.00 ₱74,350.00 
    25. Labor and Materials for the Calibration of Injection Pump of 50KVA Caterpillar Generator at OMSC Main (Labangan Campus)(RFQ-19-038) Michael Chavez Calibration Center STF ₱59,500.00 ₱49,980.00
    26. Procurement of Office Supplies and Equipment for Package Picture Production- EFIPP (RFQ-19-039)  M one Computer Center STF-BAO   ₱140,000.00  ₱36,888.00
    Angels Department Store- Branch  ₱18,000.00
    Angels Department Store- Branch  ₱51,000.00
     27. Procurement of Birthing Facility and Skills Laboratory Equipment- OMSC San Jose (RFQ-19-041)  Ormin Pharmaceutical Distribution  GF  ₱74,500.00  ₱74,250.00

 28. Procurement of Supplies for Piggery- OMSC Murtha  (RFQ-19-042)


 Mindoro J One Agrivet and Feeds Supply  STF-BAO  ₱78,200.00  ₱74,365.00
     29. Procurement of ID Holder and Jacket for SAS- OMSC Collegewide (RFQ-19-044)  Printabilya Printing Services  STF-BAO  ₱225,000.00  ₱176,250.00
     30. Procurement of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)- OMSC Mamburao (RFQ-19-045)  M one Computer Center  GF  ₱330,000.00  ₱327,000.00
    31. Procurement of Fire Extinguisher for OMSC-College Wide (RFQ-19-046) Bullmark Trading STF ₱170,400.00 ₱141,600.00
    32. Procurement of Out of Stocks Office Supplies for the 1st Quarter and 2nd Quarter of CY 2019- OMSC Collegewide (RFQ-19-047) Gessnec General Merchandise STF ₱547,983.80  ₱405,232.00
    33. Professional Service for Geotechnical Soil Investigation to Obtain Information on Subsurface Conditions of the Area where the Proposed Amphitheater and Hostel & Cafeteria will be constructed - OMSC Labangan (RFQ 19-29)   J. M Aguilar Construction Materials Testing Center  STF  ₱280,000.00  ₱240,000.00
    34. Procurement of Materials for Upgrading the Elevation of Natural Grade Line at the Back and Side of Existing Buildings at OMSC Murtha Lower Campus (RFQ 19-33) F.A. Torres Construction GF ₱500,000.00 ₱497,700.00
    35. Procurement of ID Materials for Student Affairs and Services- OMSC Collegewide (RFQ 19-43) Commerce Asia, Inc. STF-BAO ₱574,500.00 ₱435,109.50
    36. Procurement of Household Resource Management for College of Teacher Education- OMSC San Jose (RFQ 19-51) Angels Department Store- Branch GF ₱82,100.00 ₱72,800.00
    37. Procurement of Photography Equipment for Publication- OMSC Mamburao and Photography Laboratory- OMSC Labangan ( RFQ 19-54) Gessnec General Merchandise GF/STF ₱222,405.80 ₱222,380.00
    38. Labor and Materials for the Demolition of a Portion of Hallway and Fire Exit Between SAS and Library Building and Installation of Steel Fire Exit- OMSC Labangan (RFQ 19-057) RJ Construction and Designs GF ₱422,697.00 ₱420,000.00
    39. Labor and Materials for the Repair of Old High School Building- OMSC Labangan (RFQ 19-059) Jeene-son Construction GF ₱877,033.00 ₱875,000.00